Christmas 2008

Grandin and Maggie throwing out food for the reindeer.

Mercedes, Alexi, Grandin and Maggie on Christmas morning.

Grandin checking out the presents.

Josh and Joslyn 

Grandma Kathy and Maggie alseep after a long Christmas day.


The Holga Show 2008

The show will run through January 5th.
173 East Broadway (300 South)
Salt Lake City


Holga photo show

This is all of us at Red Rock Brewery for dinner before seeing the gallery show
Amy and Brian Nicholson, Brittney and Peter Chudleigh, Jason and I, Julie and Rhett Olson, and Keith Johnson.

Kari and Me at the Holga show.

Brittney and Peter

Jason and Me

Jason showing off his and Rhett's photos.

They all had photos in the show. 
I am so proud of you Jason you are very talented.
I hope that you always remember how talented you are and never stop shooting those great photos. 


Happy Halloween!

Jason made up this amazing backdrop to shoot Halloween pictures on it is so spooky and old looking. This is our family all dressed -up for Halloween.

This is Grandin aka Indiana Jones.

This is a cute photo of our children with their Grandma Sheryl. (Jason's Mom)

I think that we finally have our children trained on posing for the camera.



This is a picture of our family at Peggy and Lyndon's Halloween Party.
Mercedes is Princess Peach, Alexi is a pirate,
Grandin is Indiana Jones and Maggie is Miss Behave.
Jason and I went as the Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland.
Jason and Mercedes playing games on the iphone.
Maggie, Grandin, and Max eating cupcakes.
Close-up of Princess Peach.
Alice in Wonderland enjoying the party.


Scarecrow Festival

G-Dogg getting a rocket painted on his face.

Alexi is getting stars painted around her eyes.

Grandma Jo helping to keep Haddie still so she can have Elmo painted on her face.

B and Haddie show off their cool face paintings.

Alexi loves her stars around her eyes.

Max and Sam get rockets.

Maggie gets a princess crown of course, since her nickname is princess freckles.

Max, Sam, G-Dogg, Maggie, Emma and Alexi modeling the finished product on their faces.

G-Dogg, Maggie and Alexi were excited to see the channel 5 new helicopter up close.

All of the children after a day of fun at the scarecrow festival.

Shadow puppets

Alexi went with Jason and Rhett up to Salt Lake to enter some of Jason's photos in a gallery show.

While waiting my creative daughter figured out a way to make awesome shadow figures with her hands.

She made the shadows look like they were paper angels connected together. They can flap their wings and dance.